Flanagan Farm

In this episode, I will examine how 2 lost and lifeless objects are woven into a compelling story about a resilient family of immigrants, the local breeding of the strongest work animals in America and how together, they helped build one of the greatest civil engineering projects in the history of New England and the world.

Credits: The building of the dam was researched from the book, “Wachusett: How Boston’s 19th Quest for Water Changed Four Towns and a Way of Life” by Eamon McCarthy Earls –published by Via Appia Press, Franklin MA 2010. Primary source documents included “A History and Biography of the Family of Thomas Flanagan and Mary McNicholas Flanagan” a memoir written by Mary Flanagan Heinrich and “Thomas Flanagan: An Irish Immigrant” by the Flanagan’s Great, Great, Great Granddaughter, Charlotte Heinrich.

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